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Yoga is the practice of divine embodiment; your body as sacred space.

It literally means to yoke, or to unify your inner and outer being; it is a practice of the body, mind & spirit in one. It is healing through somatic release and integration of self.

I am here to help you heal this, feel this in your own body:


My classes & private sessions are focused on helping you find a deeper connection with your body, whatever that may mean to you in that moment.

I approach yoga like the magical healing modality that it is, not just another workout.  I invite you to find the wisdom in yourself through softness, stillness, and pranayama. 


Sometimes the most powerful antidote to a crazy world is uncovering our own inner and outer strength. If what you need is an empowering reminder of what it feels like to be in your body - start by remembering all the ways in which you are strong. Re-establish a loving relationship with your body that feels like a safe space


There are moments when it is essential to get out of your head and into your body. These are the times where we do the deepest integration and the deepest healing. By slowing our minds to enter our flow and our breath, we escape the dissonance of our every day lives. We leave linear time and enter healing space.


When we peel back the layers of our every day lives, we uncover a powerful well of intuition inside us. Intuition that guides both our inner and outer worlds. Ease through the trauma we all hold in our bodies through somatic release. Uncover your inner guidance that will serve you through all elements of your life.

Private & Group Sessions Available

All of my offerings are sliding scale to ensure that they are accessible to everyone, and generally range from $65-$115 per hour.


Each session is fully customizable based on your unique healing journey and practices, body, mind, and spirit that you wish to integrate, empower, and deepen. 

At this time, all private healing sessions will be held virtually via Zoom until further notice.

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