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Since Time Immemorial, womxn have been gathering together to celebrate and transition through the cycles of the Moon in harmony with Mother Earth and in community with one another.

During a time in my life where I felt the most isolated and in need of community, I found my home in the sacred space of these ancestral gatherings. My teacher, Liliana Mejia, or Lili Flaming Feather, gifted the knowledge of these ancient rituals and the medicine of the Moon and it sent me on a mission to make this ancestral knowledge accessible for all womxn.  

Moon gatherings are powerful medicine for the spirit, initiations into the divine feminine, and help us live in synchronicity with the energy of the universe at a given moment in time. They bring like-minded womxn together, create sacred space, and offer ancestral medicine that is healing inside and out.

All are welcome. Come as you are. Find community. Heal collectively.


What's a Moon Ceremony?

Moon circles work with the energy of the moon at a given moment in time so that we can work in unison with that energy rather than "swimming against the current".


In each circle, we set sacred space, meditate together, set intentions, receive astrological wisdom that propels you forward, and  practice Earth-centered rituals that carry us through the upcoming moon cycle. 

You can expect to do a little writing, a little sharing, a little meditating, a little connecting, and a lot of healing. You'll want to bring with you a notebook & a pen. If you're joining from home, you'll want to have a candle & a lighter nearby too.

Upcoming Ceremonies:

New Moon in Aquarius ~ Saturday, Feb. 13th - 7-9PM

New Moon in Pisces ~ Saturday, March 13th - 7-9PM

Moon ceremonies will be held once per month on or near the New Moon.  They will be held in person at Imagine Yoga in Ridgefield, CT and online through Zoom. There are limited spots in person to ensure social distancing.


Wherever and however you arrive, you are a part of the sisterhood and ceremony. Sacred space transcends time and physical location.

Register for an upcoming circle >


Moon ceremonies have the power to connect womxn from near and far.

When you attend one of the moon ceremonies, you receive so much more than just a two hour workshop. You receive lifelong healing that will weave its way into your everyday existence. You join a community. You begin a journey to deeper awareness of self. You begin to align more closely to the universe.

While, ceremonies are only held on or near the New Moon, all attendees will still receive newsletters with Full Moon rituals, meditations, and astrological updates to help you integrate your healing into your everyday practices in a really beautiful and sustainable way. 

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