Healing Our Younger Selves Meditation

Updated: Mar 26

Healing Our Younger Selves Meditation: (10-15 minutes)

Start off in a comfortable seated position, or reclining if that's best for you. I recommend sitting up on some height, a comfortable cushion, blanket, or yoga block.

Soften your gaze or close your eyes. Begin to tap into your inner landscape. Deepen your breath.

Bring your attention to your belly, start to pull the air into your low belly until you feel it expand. As you continue to inhale pull the breathe from your low belly into your upper rib cage and the area surrounding your heart. Keep breathing into your belly and pulling that breathe up into your chest.

As you inhale, imagine your heart space filling up with bright white light.

As you exhale, imagine that light traveling up towards your third eye and shining out of the top of your head (crown chakra).

Begin to bring to mind yourself one year ago (in the very beginning of 2018). Imagine yourself sharing the wisdom that you have learned in the past year with your younger-self. Imagine yourself speaking to them from a wiser perspective and telling them how much they will learn and heal over the next twelve months.

As you continue to envision your younger-self, keep taking deep breaths, repeating the following mantra:

You are Strong. You are Beautiful. You are Wise. You are on a Pathway to Freedom. You are Full of Light.

Continue repeating that mantra for about five minutes or until it natural drifts away from you. Don't worry about getting it right or wrong, just allow the words to come to you intuitively.

Sit in silence for as long as feels right. When you are done, pull your knees into your chest. Give yourself a big hug and offer yourself gratitude for the person you have become and for your wisdom. Slowly open your eyes, bring your hands over your heart and start your day.


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