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Want to reconnect with the spiritual, the mystical, the unseen world?

Our day to day busyness, the dis-ease of our society and the constant bombardment of distractions from all directions are all meant to disconnect us from our inner power. 

The truth is, every action, every waking breath through everything we do connects us to Spirit. When we return to the traditions that have existed since time immemorial we remember what it is like to be a spiritual being in connection with the Earth.

Join me in my journey to connect with Spirit - both our own and the Spirit of the Earth.

tarot readings.

There are many ways in which we can receive guidance from the mystical world. One of my favorites and perhaps the most universally accessible to all is tarot readings. We capture the energy of the present moment and unpack it through the symbols, archetypes, and oracles of the tarot deck. 

I use many different decks, and different readings for different purposes. I believe that the highest healing is achieved when we pair multiple modalities with tarot such as meditation and reflective writing or journaling. 

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spiritual creations. 

The earth produces medicine in all forms waiting to be activated through acknowledgement, offering, and creativity. As an artist at heart, I love to create, mold, and activate. I love working with crystals and other natural objects to create sacred healing creations. 

Check out my online store for spiritual creations of all sorts, fully charged and ready for the wearing.

Custom orders by request. 

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Tarot Readings

All of my offerings are sliding scale to ensure that they are accessible to everyone.

Private tarot readings are $45 for a 25 minute session or $75 for a 45 minute session.

Packages are available. Contact me if you are interested in sliding scale prices. 


I highly recommend creating a tarot reading practice that incorporates meditation and writing. If you are interested in a full length healing session with me including all of the above, reach out.

At this time, all private healing sessions will be held virtually via Zoom until further notice.

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