On seeking balance through the natural cycles of life, and all its ups and downs

I have found myself lately entering a new cycle of doing, of going, of resisting slowing down. Throughout my life I have found myself here many times, and always forced myself to submit from my crazy life to return to that inner world, the quiet one, the slow one out of fear that I would burn out. I am only beginning to find out now that balance doesn’t mean all times, all things in equal portions to achieve an illusion of perfection. It means that we embrace where we are while whole-heartedly understanding that it will shift and change. In its constant state of impermanence we can find a sense of balance.

We have to submit to where we are without judgment because it helps us get where we need to be. Whether that’s easing into our need to relax more or stepping up our game so we can get where we need to be, accepting the cycle we are currently in is a powerful act of honoring the natural balance of life. Sometimes we need these high energy, high motivation states and we do not actually need to slow down. Sometimes we need to slow down and don’t actually need to do as much as we think we do. This is what it means to find balance, to embrace our peaceful moments as much as we do the crazy ones.

This is the difference between embracing the natural fluctuations of life and allowing yourself to become depleted by too much doing, going, achieving. When we do things for ourselves, led by our natural intuition, our natural energy cycles, our natural wells of motivation it is a GOOD thing to keep going. And when the time comes that you tire out and need to slow down, slow down. Do not guilt trip yourself for doing too much or too little, know that nothing is permanent, but all things belong. You belong just as you are.

Speaking of tapping into our intuition, knowing where we are energetically, and embracing the natural cycles of life, we will be holding a one-day retreat devoted to the sense of wonder, creativity, and ambition that early Spring brings. We are entering a new cycle as a collective, how are you choosing to embark on the journey that this Spring cycle brings you? If this is something that you're interested in, feel free to reach out or go to www.charlotterises.com/retreat for more info.

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