Cultivating Our Best Selves Meditation

Updated: Mar 26

Cultivating Our Best Selves Meditation: (8-10 minutes)

Start off in a comfortable seated position, or reclining on your back. If sitting, I recommend sitting up on some height, a comfortable cushion, blanket, or yoga block. Allow your hands to rest on your knees or lap, palms up.

Soften your gaze or close your eyes. Begin to tap into your inner landscape. Deepen your breath.

Let your tongue soften away from the roof of your mouth. Notice where your body is making contact with the floor and root down from that place. Allow your shoulders to soften down towards the earth and the crown of your head to lengthen up towards the ceiling creating more space around your heart to open up.

Call to mind the word from your journal entry this morning, how is it that you want to feel in 2019. Name the word.

As you inhale, visualize yourself expressing or living by that word. How does it look or feel to live from that space?

As you exhale, notice the places that start to soften in your body as you bring that word to mind.

On each inhale, name a characteristic that makes you your best self. As you state it to yourself, imagine your heart space filling up with a pink light. As you exhale, imagine yourself as the living embodiment of that characteristic or trait. Repeat this to yourself, naming your best qualities and filling your heart space with pink light.

Allow the sensation of self-love to slowly wash over you.

Bring to mind someone that you admire or who inspires you. Allow that sense of ambition or inspiration to call forth your highest self. Visualize moving through the world from the place of that person, your best self.

Anytime you feel yourself drifting from that place of self-love and admiration, name the characteristics that you want to embody.

Sit with that sensation for as long as feels good. When you are done, place your hands on your heart. Take a moment to honor what an amazing person you are. Before you open your eyes, imagine that you are bottling up the sensation of living as your best self. Place that bottle deep within your heart space, knowing that whatever challenges you may face throughout the day, you have it there to support you. Slowly open your eyes to the world. Start your day here.


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